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Maritime Industry-Recognised Independent Certification

In the highly competitive global maritime industries, certification of skills and experience goes a long way toward giving you the edge. Whether you’re pitching for a contract for your company to fill, or simply looking to find individual employment, you need industry-recognised credentials.

MTCS Certification

Our certification is industry-recognised as a mark of quality, experience, and competence. What makes our assessments stand out?

We focus on three key areas:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Experience

It takes all three to earn our certification, because it takes all three to be both efficient and safe in the maritime industry.


To perform your duties effectively, you need to reach at least a certain minimum level of skill. Knowing your team have the skills necessary for their roles should be something every employer takes the time to do. If they can provide certification, it’s much easier.


It’s not enough to just know how to repeat a task. To work safely, you must understand what that task does and why it’s needed. That knowledge allows you to handle things going wrong and to make decisions under unusual circumstances.


In many ways, experience measures the ability to combine skill and knowledge and to assess the situation when things change. It builds on the other two key areas.

Experience is not just a measure of how long you have been working. What you have learned in that time is much more important.


As time passes, skills can decline, knowledge can be forgotten, and experience can become rusty. In addition to this, advancements in technology can change the shape of a given role.

This is why we offer a recertification process. This allows teams and individuals who have been certified in the past to demonstrate they still deserve that recognition.

To arrange certification or for any questions you have, please contact us here.


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