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The Assessment Process

The diagrams on this page illustrate the 3 types of assessment processes possible within the MTCS Competence Management Program.

The process is dependent on your experience and whether you wish to remain at your existing grade; or progress to the next grade in your Competence Management Program.

Individual Competence Assessment (ICA)

To Gain a Certificate of Competence in your current job role

This would apply if you are seeking a certificate for the job role you are currently doing.

It involves providing evidence of the work that you have been doing in that role over the past 1 to 2 years

This would include:

  • A witness statement from the company or agency(s) you have been working for.
  • Reviews of your performance (appraisals / end of trip reports / client feedback)
  • Copies of your IMCA logbook (Survey / ROV / Diving / DP Operator / Technician etc)
  • Mandatory certification (medical / survival / trade or academic)
  • Company CV or work history
  • A short report written by you about your most recent job offshore.
  • An assessment pack including guidance & documents to complete is provided by MTCS via our Online service.
  • You should be able to gather this evidence in a few weeks.

Grade Assessment Process

To Progress to the next grade in your Competence Management Program

The Grade Assessment Process would apply if you are looking to work towards your next job role. It involves gathering evidence with an assessor that you have the competence (knowledge, skill & experience) for the job you are working towards or have just been promoted to.

This would involve:

  • Completing units of competence (safety / emergency response / teamwork / technical / operational) that assess your performance & knowledge.
  • The units of competence are mapped to IMCA guidelines and assessed to IMCA guidelines & national codes of practice for vocational qualifications.
  • If you do 1 or 2 assessments every trip you go on, it will take you 12 to 18 months to gather sufficient evidence.
  • An assessment pack including guidance & documents to complete is provided by MTCS via our Online service.

Recertification Process

To keep your current certificate up to date

All certificates awarded by MTCS have a 3 year validity period. The reason for this is that during the 3 year period from when your certificate was awarded changes in the industry will have taken place that may affect how you work.

This may include:

  • Safety Legislation and Guidance, for example IMCA guidance notes.
  • Operational Procedures and Requirements.
  • Technology.
  • It is important that any such changes are captures within the ongoing assessment process.

The Recertification Process only applies under the following conditions:

  • Candidates must currently hold a valid Certificate of Competence for the grade at which they wish to recertify
  • Candidates must have undertaken a Grade Assessment for the grade at which they wish to recertify
  • Candidates will have competed a Portfolio of Evidence as part of the above mentioned Grade Assessment

If you already hold a Valid MTCS Certificate of Competence that is due to expire…

If you already hold an MTCS Certificate of Competence that has been expired over 6 months or never undertaken a Grade Assessment…

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