MTCS Certificate Renewal

How to Renew A Certificate of Competence

All our certificates are valid for a three-year period. We don’t offer certificates with a longer life as industry changes are likely to affect how a certificate holder works. Recertification should be sought in a timely fashion.

Changes like:

  • Revised Safety Legislation
  • Operational Procedures
  • New Technology

These changes – and others like them – can mean that your knowledge and training are out of date, or that you are now carrying out new procedures you’re less familiar with.

Our recertification process is designed to account for these changes.

The process used to renew a certificate depends on how you were awarded your original certificate.

If you were originally ‘Grandparented’ or ‘Registered’ into the scheme by your employer, and have never completed a full Grade Assessment then you must complete and Individual Competence Assessment (ICA).

If you have completed a Grade Assessment for the certificate you wish to renew then you may submit a signed witness statement along with a valid offshore survival and meical certificate for the region of the world in which you work.

You must also have held a valid certificate within the last 12 month period. Personnel holding a certificate that has been expired for more than 12 months must complete an Individual Competence Assessment (ICA).


If you already hold a Valid MTCS Certificate of Competence that is due to expire and have previously completed a Grade Assessment...

If you already hold an MTCS Certificate of Competence that has been expired over 6 months or never undertaken a Grade Assessment…

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