Why do I have to complete an Individual Competence Assessment (ICA)

So why do I have to complete an Individual Competence Assessment (ICA) as oppose to a simple recertification, surely this is more work for me?

Perhaps it is a little more work, but there are very good reasons why this needs to be the case. The assessment process has changed considerably over the past couple of years, where here at MTCS we have had to respond to the demands of the industry, including oil majors, who now place great importance on the formal assessment of workplace competence.

A more stringent process is now essential, requiring candidates to produce more robust evidence to confirm their competence in a particular role.

I’m sure many of you will remember, that a candidate could previously recertify on the basis of a single witness statement. There were no specific guidelines on signatories, and this consequently resulted in some questions being raised on the validity of the certificate.

For example, a candidate could recertify on the basis of a witness statement signed by someone who had perhaps never worked with the candidate.

Here at MTCS, we are now obliged to ensure any certificates we award are done so in accordance with stringent guidelines. It is important that our clients (including individuals) are only awarded certificates on the basis of a thorough assessment.

The Individual Competence Assessment process has now addressed this and requires candidates to produce a range of evidence confirming that they are deemed competent in their current role.

Typical evidence includes:

The ICA pack contains full guidance in the evidence requirements and can normally be completed in a single trip offshore. We do however stress that candidates try to collate some evidence on each trip to ensure they have a sufficient range of activities.

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