IMCA e-Portfolio Recognised as Evidence by MTCS

In response to the recent International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Competence & Training seminar in Aberdeen, MTCS (UK) Ltd are pleased to confirm the newly designed IMCA competence assessment E-Portfolio can be included as evidence towards verification.

This will apply to either new certificate applications or for certificate renewals.

MTCS are specialists in competence certification and training for personnel involved in safety-critical activities in the energy sector, with a global reputation for quality and robust certification that provides clients with the reassurance that their personnel have been deemed competent by a recognised independent body.

IMCA Competence & Training event, which took place in Aberdeen on Tuesday 5 February 2019, focused on the E-Portfolio which has been designed by the IMCA Competence & Training Committee.

The IMCA has developed the competence E-Portfolio for contractors to assess the skills and experience of freelance personnel in a more standardised way.

The concept behind the E-Portfolio is to assist properly trained and skilled freelance personnel collect evidence to support their competencies. Initially, this will be in support of Offshore Survey, Remote Systems & ROV Divisions.

Richard Warburton, Managing Director at MTCS (UK) Ltd: “We very much welcome the launch of the IMCA E-Portfolio and agree that this can only be good for the industry. From what we have seen, this consolidates a person’s capabilities and competencies in a format which can be universally adopted throughout the sector.

“Many freelance personnel, including those working through agencies, currently hold MTCS Certificates of Competence which are valid for 3 years.

“Our certificates are awarded on the basis of an independent, fully accredited external verification process which examines the quality of evidence submitted by the freelancer, and in accordance with national and international standards.

“Personnel who hold one of our certificates are given access to an MTCS online account, enabling them to upload evidence ready for verification by the MTCS Assessment and Verification Team.

“The online accounts MTCS provide also facilitate the safe storage of all evidence accumulated by personnel working towards their certification.

“The new E-Portfolio provides an excellent basis for collecting evidence for verification and we look forward to seeing personnel adopt this innovative approach by IMCA.”


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