Does Training Guarantee Competence in the Offshore Renewables Industry?

Does Training Guarantee Competence in the Offshore Renewables Industry?

The Offshore Renewables Industry has invested vast amounts of time and money in developing and implementing training programs to ensure personnel are trained in safety critical, technical and operational activities.

The question companies now have to answer is: ’Does this training ensure an individual is competent?’

You can make the case that generic shore-based training does help an individual achieve competence; however, does it automatically guarantee they are competent in the context of the environment in which they work?

MTCS UK Ltd have over 15 years’ experience working with offshore contracting companies to develop and maintain robust and fully accredited programs designed to ensure their personnel are competent in safety critical activities.

There is often the presumption that once an individual completes a training course they will automatically become competent! While training may include some element of assessment, the context of that assessment is often in a safe, controlled and non-representative environment – hardly the right context to determine competence!

Our Competence programs have been established throughout the oil and gas industry for over 15 years and ensure candidates are assessed in the workplace by trained and qualified, occupationally competent supervisors.

A certificate of competence is now mandatory in the oil and gas industry for many safety critical activities. Our fully accredited competence schemes provide an effective risk management tool whilst ensuring employers are fully meet their obligations under relevant safety legislation.

MTCS UK Ltd are in the process of researching the Offshore Renewables Industry to identify requirements and effective safety standards and protocols in order to establish competence certification standards for companies in this field too.

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